I’m a digital marketing and software professional from Los Angeles, CA, United States. I enjoy creating content on the web and learning the tools behind internet technology. My passion is being able to tell stories both personally and professionally, and I enjoy making a business out of it.

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I was born in Santa Ana, El Salvador in 1983.

I’ve bet you’ve never been! But if you did, you’d love it. It’s a colonial town with history and culture. My favorite place in the world is probably Lago Coatepeque in the state of Santa Ana. It’s a lake inside a volcanic crater (visible above).

I came to the US with my family in 1988 and was raised in the Pico-Union neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles.

I attended 10th Street Elementary (it’s still there, along with the Salvation Army Red Shield community center across the street), east of the now-built Staples Center and LA Live. Pico-Union is directly west of the 110 Freeway in Downtown, the main artery of the city, and it is in large part unchanged, while development over the 110 bridge to the east is skyrocketing in Downtown LA.

After Berendo Junior High School in Koreatown, I graduated from Belmont High School in Downtown LA in 2002. I majored with a B.A. in Literature and Film Studies at UC Santa Cruz (Go Slugs, Merrill College). While working as a grant writer for a non-profit in Chicago in 2009, I became professionally introduced to the the web and online business.

Since 2009 I’ve created content, blogged and learned internet business, digital marketing, coding and web development. I work full-time for North America Marketing at Herbalife International. On my spare time I teach web development, digital marketing and related courses at General Assembly in Los Angeles and Orange County. In and out of my personal projects, I provide consulting services in the same areas.

On my personal time I most enjoy traveling and being in new places. In the future I look forward to continuing to work in things that excite me, while enjoying the time I have on Earth with friends, family and colleagues.