I’ve been looking for you!

In a way we never stop blogging with all of the social media we have available — we always find ways to share with someone — but that aside, “Hello, blogging!”

Or should I say, “Hello, world!”

When we jump from one project to the next, or get caught up with work and life, blogging can be easily forgotten. But if someone were to ask me (especially as a digital marketing professional) if it’s a good idea to have a blog, even in today’s internet days where there are a million distractions for everyone to not have enough time to consume in the first place, I’d say “yes!”

So here’s my blog. Once I got over the amount of time it takes to publish a nice website effectively — after doing all of the right things  — it’s a good feeling to get to what matters most, and that’s the writing and content.

Right now everyone’s BIG on customer relationships, metrics, building customer profiles for targeting, social media and its endless options, data analysis, etc. Of course this matters.

But do we forget one simple thing in the process? Everything should be about the content, especially today when consumer entertainment options are great.

The writing and the fun — can we bring the fun, before we even worry about the rest of the stuff?

Well, whether we can or not is one question, but if we will try is a different one.

The answer for me is yes. I do need to try, and I do need to write. I practically write everyday in my head, but never really write it down.

We all do. We think all day. To me, thinking is like writing. If you think, you write. The difference is thoughts are fleeting, but writing has a chance to survive.

So this is me sitting and writing (and hopefully better and more useful articles moving forward).

But for now it’s enough for my fingers to meet the keys again and start a flow. It’s as if they need to meet again even though they work together all of the time, and for other projects, but never in the way that they can if we write for fun.

I look forward to writing about topics that interest me, including travel, online business, space, sports and writing.

For more professional articles about technology and online business, I write for the ArrowGlyph blog.

Well, writing, you weren’t half bad. It’s been a pleasure.

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