The achievement of living a healthy life in today’s time is on par to the feats of the best Roman gladiators ever.

I often share my personal diet and health challenges with friends. Sometimes we complain to each other, sometimes we cheer each other on, etc.

We’re all in our early 30’s now and find ourselves walking through that door in life where our relationship with the body is now definitely different than it has ever been before (in our 20s we joked about it).

And maybe the plight referenced in this quote is worsened by living in urban United States where it’s difficult to escape processed foods; so it seems that, as the quote states, the challenge of living a healthy life with respect to what we eat, how much we exercise and how much discipline we have with regards to health (on top of the rest of modern day’s responsibilities) really is on par with some of the greatest individual challenges of all time.

Not sure how the Roman gladiators come into play, but according to myth and film lure, their struggles as they ascended to the top were costly.

Hey, it’s debatable at the least. Just look around and count the fit people around you…yes, that’s how much we’re losing the fight on obesity.

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