My Journey

I was born in El Salvador, but have little memory of it from that time (I came to the US at 4). I arrived with my family to Los Angeles in 1988 to a neighborhood called Pico-Union, just east of downtown Los Angeles, CA. I was lucky to grow in a great family in generally safe communities. I’m thankful for the free education, and the quality of it, and for the community services that were offered (the Salvation Army was the best).

I went to college at UC Santa Cruz and graduated with a degree in Literature and Film. I didn’t know what the heck I wanted to do, but I knew I liked to write and tell stories.

Well somehow, that interest in telling stories soon had me typing, but not in English, and I started to learn web development and coding. Through that, I learned publishing, digital marketing, analytics, CMS maintenance, server maintenance, and so on.

I always learned something when I wanted to create something, and thanks to the internet — it was always there when I wanted to learn, thankfully.

Today I’m a tech and creative hybrid caught between the technicalities and the storytelling.

I always told myself that I would return to write English creatively, since that’s where it all starts, but once you’re caught in code, you’re then caught in numbers and it doesn’t stop.

But this blog is my effort to stay connected. The only thing that ever really matters is the story.

Today, while I work as a data analyst, I still enjoy writing, communicating, sharing and creating.

As my career continues to take me into the digital, my interests will always stay human. For this reason I keep this blog, to share my journey.