Look, if you really had to rate this movie in the most logical sense, it’s a pretty fucking stupid movie.

It doesn’t do anything to explain, really, the murder of the first group of victims. And only till the end you realize that it’s an on-going spirit that’s gone on living for a while.

But in the end, it produces just another set of victims and you’re expected to accept the story.

In the end this movie really comes down to being a bit of a fantasy for anyone who’s ever been involved in the work of a coroner. The title says it: the whole film is targeting the literal autopsy of a¬†estranged being that they refer to as Jane Doe, how convenient.

Slap some no-name good looking female into a corpse, never really identify where it came from or why it’s acting the way it is, call it Jane Doe of all names, and have people jump out of their seat.

In that ridiculousness is also their genius. Through a tight string of cast members, the balance of questioning that happens between the senior-level coroner and his son keeps us guessing as to just what they are uncovering via the autopsy. But when it ends it’s hard to shake the feeling that those who made this movie really were just going for the angle that hadn’t been angled before — an autopsy. And of course the setting was in a weird “autopsy” house, the story made a bit modern by the son’s probable venture with a modern date, and the night altogether made impossible by of course, a severe storm and all its weird radio interferences.¬†

In the end the things that occur in the film are ridiculous, but the director’s constant focus on the pale and white Jane Doe and its corpse (often its jaw ajar with buckteeth representing a sort of weird beauty), the balance of worry and machismo between the son and father, and the obviously rare occurrences in the altogether awkward household make the film an entertaining watch, and for all its marbles a worth while watch for a movie night.

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