I forget what I went to shop for at Rite Aid across the street, and once inside, I somehow found myself in a seasonal aisle with Christmas things. I think I went in there to look for something for a meal.

In all honesty I was not in there to buy anything remotely close to a stuffed animal, but once in the seasonal aisle, I found myself attracted to this dog that looked at me like this:

Christmas Dancing Dog

There was a play button so I looked into the performance of the animated puppy,

Its performance was satisfying, but he was being sold for $20. So he went from being shop-able, to entertaining, to shareable (since I shared him online), but to ultimately un-buyable. His damn turning around though, to me, was a winning formula. This dog, I’m sure by now, has found a great home for the holidays.

But somewhere in the same aisle, a bear without a performance seemed to get my attention. He wasn’t anything special or unique, but among the crazies in the bunch it stood out like a classic thing, and I guess classic comes at a good price. Its price was fair for what it promised to do.

For months this bear had not been on my bed, not even in the possible existence of my being. But that night, I introduced him to her and she loved him. I was surprised. It was a coincidental purchase done with certain decisions, but the result showed itself as a pleasant welcome into the home, and to her pleasure. Suddenly, unsurprisingly,  it found its home atop the bed, and even, within a day, in a higher position than the home pets.

Christmas Teddy Bear

Now to me, this impulse buy, which I withhold under the fond memory of being a simple purchase that brought much pleasure, is now a permanent fixture in life. It is there when sleeping, and awaking, and in the preparation of bedspaces. It must be told to individuals out there that, like pets, stuffed animals, the much less riskier position when giving things of possibly personified value, are still a long fixture in the days to come.

When giving a stuffed animal and when your living situations involve the gift, be aware that the gift, though it’ll bring great satisfaction and value, will remain a fixture in your daily habits.

Christmas Teddy Bear 2

That being said, the value of the bear extends that of its first visit. You might notice that she looks for him for care. His endless stare into the universe proves of value, and ultimately it is therefore my recommendation that the bear be considered whenever someone is in need of spirits, with the understanding that its existence is rather long-trailed than a short visit.

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