Will LeBron reach the finals for the 8th consecutive time?

With the Cavs tied 2-2 to the Pacers (and previously down 2-1), it’s starting to be clear that LeBron does not have what it takes in his team to reach the finals for an 8th time individually, and for the 4th time as a team.

Could it be the year that LeBron gets dethroned?

While I am not a Cavs fan, once I think of the NBA Playoffs without LeBron, it feels less of an interesting playoffs. If you want to see LeBron fight for his eighth consecutive finals appearance, you probably want to see it happen at the highest level in the third round, in some game 6 or 7. But to think he might go down in the first round? It’s a little depressing.

While basketball is just a game, it’s a job for these athletes, and they operate in a meritocracy. Some individuals are better than others, and it is publicly known what each other’s value is in terms of income.

I suddenly thought of LeBron and the pressure he might feel, even if it’s just a game. His teammates are co-workers who are publicly realizing that they are not as talented as individuals, and LeBron is beginning to see the vastness of his own greatness.

With LeBron at his peak, it’s a concerning time for the basketball fans who want to see one of the all-time greats go down in competitive feats and attempts at the championship year over year, especially now toward the end of his prime.

Jordan left us at the apex, quite literally as he shot his last jumper in Utah. Kobe never quite got there again and the end of his career was disappointing, albeit with a 60 point meaningless end-of-the-season game.

How is LeBron’s career going to end? Where is he going to sign?

Is he going to actively seek the help he needs in order to win? In what city?

It’s an exciting time to think about what could be of the East, the NBA, and of LeBron.

Jose Cervantes
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